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If you plan to use a fireplace or wood stove -- make sure you have plenty of firewood, matches, and kindling. Also, cast iron cookware could be invaluable. You may want to buy a dutch oven or two, just in case, especially if you have plenty of wood available to use as fuel.

Cooking According to the Time of the Year

In spring:

  • food with a lighter quality
  • wild plants, germs, lightly fermented food, grain species, fresh greens
  • light cooking style: steaming, cooking for a short time, etc.

In summer:

  • food with lighter quality
  • large-leaved greens, sweet corn, fruit, summer pumpkins
  • light cooking style: steaming, quick cooking, etc.
  • More raw foods
  • lighter grains such as barley, bulghur, cous cous, and corn

In autumn:

  • food with more concentrated quality
  • root vegetables, (winter) pumpkins, beans, cereals, etc.
  • heavier grains such as sweet rice, mochi and millet

In winter:

  • food with a stronger, more concentrated quality
  • round vegetables, pickles, root vegetables, etc.
  • more miso, shoyu, oil, and salt
  • heavier grains such as millet, buckwheat, fried rice, etc.

Solar Cooking in a Whellbarrow

Prepare dinner at breakfast time when the day is over 23 degrees Celsius.

  1. Wash out the wheelbarrow, then line with aluminum foil.
  2. Select a sheet of glass to cover the top of the barrow.
  3. Position in a sunny spot.
  4. Place potatoes and veggies into a Dutch oven with lid and put them in the wheelbarrow on a couple of bricks, replace the glass. When setting it up wear sunglasses as light reflects off the foil, wear oven mittens as it gets very hot. Use an oven thermometer so you can gauge the temperature correctly.


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